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Please follow these rules when uploading your exGPDs/GPDs to the library. If your upload does not meet these rules, the file will be deleted upon reviw.
  • UNLOCKED ACHIEVEMENTS ONLY: Please *ONLY* upload exGPD's or GPD's that contain 100% Unlocked Achievements. Every achievement for the game should be unlocked; Game should be 100% Complete.
  • LEGIT ORDER ACHIEVEMENTS ONLY: Please make sure achievements are unlocked in LEGIT ORDER. Whether you've played the game yourself & unlocked legitimately - or unlocked them using an unlocker - or obtained the GPD from somewhere; Please *ONLY* post Legit Order Achievements Unlocked.
  • ACHIEVEMENT IMAGES A MUST: Please make sure you do not upload achievements without achievement images. Every unlocked achievement should have it's achievement image intact; and the game must have the TileImage intact.
  • VALID ONLINE ACHIEVEMENTS: If the game contains Online Achievements, Please make sure it contains a valid Time Stamp and is marked as an Online Achievement.
  • NO DUPLICATES: Please Search the library before posting; please do not upload titles that already exist in the library.
Please follow the file naming convention specified below before uploading. Files not following this convention will be rejected by the server.
  • TITLE ID: Please use the TITLE ID of the game for naming the exGPD or GPD. Do not use the name of the Game, or have additional information in the filename. For example, exGPD for Gears Of War should be "4D5307D5.exGPD". Please do not upload "Gears Of War.exGPD". Remove all user/gamertag information from filename; "4D5307D5-gamertag.exGPD" should be renamed "4D5307D5.exGPD" before uploading.

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This is a strict, no-frills, no-fancies uploader. There is no progress bar.
After clicking upload, please WAIT until you see the "Upload Successful" message or any error messages to print. Do not click any other button or link until you recieve a response. There is no indication presented that files are uploading!
Only *10* files are allowed to be uploaded at a time. You will not be able to upload more then 10 files at a time.

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